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Improve the appearance of your smile, prolong the life of your teeth and the health of your gums with Cosmetic Dentist,  Dr. Holly Nadji's "Comprehensive Invisalign® Treatment". Schedule your consultation today!

Overcrowding/Crooked Teeth - This occurs when there is too little space for the teeth to align normally in the mouth. Overcrowding can cause tooth decay and increase the likelihood of gum disease. Overcrowding can be corrected with Invisalign saving your teeth from breakage, cavities, gum disease & tooth loss.

Large gaps between teeth – This occurs when teeth are missing or because the jaw continues to grow abnormally causing teeth not to align properly. Misaligned teeth are the major cause of gum disease and tooth loss. 

– This common dental problem occurs when one or multiple upper teeth bite inside the lower teeth. As a consequence, uneven wear can lead to bone erosion, gum disease, tooth breakage, and tooth loss. 

– This problem occurs when the upper teeth project further than, or completely cover, the lower teeth. Eventually, jaw pain and Temporomandibular joint and muscle disorders (TMJ) may occur requiring extensive costly restorations to save teeth and gums.

– This is the inverse of the overbite; the lower teeth project further than, or completely cover the upper teeth. Eventually, jaw pain, tooth breakage, tooth loss and TMJ can occur requiring costly restorations. 


Who are candidates for Invisalign® clear teeth aligners?

Invisalign®removable teeth aligners can be a comfortable alternative to traditional braces composed of wire and brackets for both adults and teens. Invisalign®’s clear and transparent material can benefit patients who do not want others to know they are undergoing orthodontic treatment, as well as those searching for a way to straighten their teeth without the hassle and discomfort associated with other orthodontic procedures. 

The Invisalign® Process

Once you are determined to be a good candidate for Invisalign®, Dr. Nadji will take an impression of your teeth and create your first set of custom aligners. Each set of Invisalign® aligners is worn for approximately two to four weeks before moving on to the next set. By wearing these aligners at all times (whenever you are not eating or cleaning your teeth), your teeth will be comfortably and discreetly guided toward their ideal position.

A unique set of removable aligners is designed for you to wear. These aligners are made out of smooth plastic. 
You replace these removable aligners as recommended. The total number of aligners required varies with each individual case. We will provide you with a timetable of office checkup and visits. Unlike braces these aligners are invisible and removable so you can easily take them out, eat your meal, rinse, floss, brush your teeth, and put them back in again. 

In many cases, the entire Invisalign® process can be completed within 10 to 16 months. The total treatment time will depend on the severity of your tooth misalignment.Consistently wearing your Invisalign® aligners is essential for fast and successful results. After treatment is complete, you can take pride in a more beautiful, healthy-looking smile. However, if you would like to transform your smile immediately, you can consult with Dr. Nadji about trying a faster alternative. Porcelain veneers may be a suitable choice for some patients since they can instantly hide stained, chipped or misaligned teeth within a durable, natural-looking ceramic shell. Dr. Nadji will talk with you about all of your options and suggest treatments that can best meet your needs.

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