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Same Day Dental Care in Jacksonville

Planmeca Fit Open CAD/CAM System

We are proud to use in our office the latest in E-4D technology capable of fabricating same-day, precision cut, strong and metal-free porcelain crowns, veneers, bridges, inlays, and onlays.

The E-4D system is a state-of-the-art digital scanner, virtual design center, and a milling unit capable of fabricating esthetically and strong porcelain restorations. The E4D system is used to scan the teeth, design the final restoration in our office, 

Case 1 - Front Teeth Crowns
The old crowns and decay were removed. The dark color is from the tooth changing color as a result of an old root canal.
A digital scanner creates a detailed 3-D image of the patient's teeth by taking multiple photographs.
The computer generates two ideal matching crowns. We can then adjust size, shape, and color if necessary.
The final crowns are milled out of blocks of porcelain.
The final cemented restorations, completed the same day!
Case 2 - Back Teeth Crowns
This Patient had two crowns that needed to be replaced.
After removed the old crowns and cleaning decay, a digital impression was taken using the E4D scanner. 
The scanner takes photos from different angles to create a 3-D image of the teeth.
The software then designs the new crown for the best possible aesthetics and function. 
Here are the new crowns, about and 1.5 hours later. 

Case 3 - Veneer
Patient's lateral incisors were rotated inward. To correct this, we decided to place a veneer using the E4D system. Since the E4D system can fabricate thin veneers, no reduction of tooth structure was done.
 Patient's teeth were scanned into the systems.
A veneer was designed to match the adjacent teeth.
 The final restoration completed with reduction of any tooth structure.
 Case 4 -Implant Crown
This patient's implant was ready to have a crown placed on it.
An abutment connector was attached to the implant. The abutment creates the shape of a tooth that has been prepared for a crown.
The implant abutment and adjacent teeth are scanned into the E4D system. 
 A precision fitted crown is designed to give the ideal esthetics and function. The crown is then milled out of a high strength ceramic.
 The crown (the natural looking tooth in the middle) is cemented over the implant abutment.
Case 5 - Bonded Bridge
 This patient was too young for an implant. As a long-term temporary, we decided to attach a bonded bridge to the inside of the teeth.
 The patient's teeth are scanned into the E4D system.
 The software then designs the new bridge the best possible aesthetics and function. 
 The bridge is designed to attach to the inside of the teeth while not altering the patient's bite. 
 The final bridge restoration was fabricated in about 1 hour without the reduction of tooth structure.
Case 6 -Onlay
An onlay is a conservative crown. In this case, the patient had fractured off the outside of the tooth. The middle area has a filling. The inside area still has healthy tooth structure.
The E4D system designed and mills a restoration to replace the missing tooth structure.Final restoration cemented in about 45 minutes later.

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