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Your Compassionate Emergency Dentist in Jacksonville, FL

Dental emergencies can occur at the most inconvenient times. Dr. Holly Nadji understands that a dental injury or a severe toothache can instantly put a stop to your agenda and force you to find relief as soon as possible. Our practice takes our emergency dental patients seriously and prioritizes these cases.

You have a dental emergency if:

  • You’ve lost  one or more teeth due to an injury
  • An injury has forced one or more of your teeth deep into the gum and jaw.
  • You’ve broken a natural tooth
  • You have severe pain in or around a tooth or soft tissues of the mouth

For dental emergencies that involve a dislodged or broken tooth, gently clean the tooth without removing any attached natural fibers. Rinse your mouth, put the tooth back into the socket, and call us immediately.

In the case of avulsed child’s tooth, or if your emergency occurs at night and you can’t be seen until the next day, keep the tooth and any fragments in milk or slightly salted water to avoid choking.

Severe tooth pain is most often caused by a badly decayed tooth or abscess and also requires treatment immediately. It is highly unlikely for tooth pain to resolve on its own.  

Comprehensive Care for Dental Emergencies in Jacksonville, FL

A dental emergency can entail one or more issues and may require any number of procedures to correct. Dr. Nadji has the skills and experience to treat even complex issues in-house, reducing the chance of having your treatment prolonged by being having to be referred to a specialist.

Some of the most common procedures necessary to treat teeth that are damaged or badly decayed include:

Root Canal Therapy – Nerves are located in the pulp (the inner portion of the tooth) and a toothache occurs when decay spreads into this area. In these cases, root canal therapy is required. For teeth that have been completely dislodged, root canal treatment is necessary prior to any replantation attempts are made.

Extractions - A tooth that has been pushed into the gum or jaw may need to be extracted to prevent further bone injury. Teeth that are partially displaced may require extraction and replantation.

Crowns or Bridges – A single broken, badly decayed, or avulsed tooth can be replaced by an implant-supported crown or bridge which can replace up to a small row of teeth

Cosmetic Restorations - Bonding and veneers can repair teeth that are chipped or cracked.

 Our goal is to provide treatment and relief, to restore your smile so you can get back to your daily routine.

Our Jacksonville dental office is equipped with the latest state-of-the-art dental technology and with our in-house lab, we can often have any prosthetic you may need ready the same day.

Your Emergency is our Priority

Dr. Nadji is committed to providing treatments to keep your smile healthy and beautiful. A dental emergency can happen to anyone, and the sooner you receive care, the better the outcome will be. If you experience a dental emergency in Jacksonville, don’t delay – call us right away. 

If you have a dental emergency in Jacksonville,

call us right away – we’re here to help.

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