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Dental Fillings in Jacksonville, Florida 

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Dental Fillings in Jacksonville

Tooth Decay
Tooth decay is a disease that damages and breaks down teeth.

Your teeth have a hard, outer layer (enamel), a middle layer (dentin) and a center (pulp).

Don’t allow a cracked, missing or unchecked cavity to become a larger problem down the road! The experts at our general dentistry can quickly and easily install your bonded white filling, removing the threat your current cavity poses while protecting your tooth from future damage.

Bonded White Fillings 

We utilize the highest quality mercury-free materials and techniques to obtain long-lasting results.

A tooth filling is commonly placed when a tooth has a cavity. The tooth is first cleaned from the bad bacteria and then rebuilt and sealed with a bonded white dental filling. We have a variety of shades and techniques to make each restoration nearly undetectabl

You’ll enjoy:

  • Your real tooth, protected from current and future cavity damage
  • A discreet tooth-like appearance
  • The inexpensive cost, even without dental insurance
  • Long-lasting results that require little-to-no maintenance over time

Benefits of Our Dental Filling

Because we only use the finest white fillings, you’ll enjoy a much healthier tooth without the worry of an unsightly or expensive alternative. Using a metallic filling actually costs far more than our white dental fillings, both upfront and over time as many metallic fillings will need to be changed out throughout the life of the tooth. Whether this is your first filling or your metallic dental filling is at the end of its life, a bonded white filling is a fantastic solution. 

I have dental amalgam (silver) fillings in my mouth, should I have my fillings removed?

If you want to remove your amalgam fillings or believe you have an allergy or sensitivity to mercury or any of the other metals in dental amalgam (such as silver, tin, or copper), have cracks or leakage in the filling or decay or sensitivity in an amalgam-filled tooth, we can remove the amalgam and restore your tooth to its natural color. 

Enjoy Healthier Teeth and Gums!

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